by Wayne Hinson

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For I Am Sick Of My Sin (1 of 8)
Series: Lord, I'm Coming Home
Wayne Hinson
Psalm 51:1-2

I. Sick Of The Delinquency Of Sin
A) The Sleepless Nights I Endured
B) The Sorrowful Needs I Enlarged
1. Needs Of Friends
2. Needs Of Followers
3. Needs Of Family
C) The Sinful Nature I Exhibited

II. Sick Of The Dominance Of Sin
A) Sin Cancelled My Blessings
B) Sin Controlled My Being

III. Sick Of The Drought Of Sin
A) Wash Me Thoroughly
B) Wash Me Throughly
C) Wash Me Totally

Intro: The characters involved in the story of David's sin against God were: David himself, Uriah the Hittite, and his wife, Bethsheba. From a strictly carnal view, these three would be the only ones involved in this tragic sin. From a spiritual standpoint, however, there were two participants involved, who are Nathan the prophet and the Lord God, that a carnal view would not see. This entire tragedy started with a single look of lust, but that first look was not the deciding factor. It was the look that kept on looking that sealed David's fate. Most of us can endure and resist a one time temptation, but few can endure or resist an ongoing temptation. Things have not changed much since that fateful night thousands of years ago. Given it's due, the sin of sexual lust and fornication is worse today more than ever before. Psalm 51 is the story of a child of God who has fallen into sin and is now coming home to the Father. In many ways, it resembles the story of the prodigal son in Luke 15. We see that on this journey home, David was saying, I am:

I. Sick Of The Delinquincy Of Sin
The word "delinguency" means, "to be absent from a place or event, where our presence was both expected and authorized". Sin had caused a delinquency in David's life, and as he looked toward God again and said, "Lord, I'm coming home", the delinquency of his sin came to his mind, as he remembered:

A) The Sleepless Nights I Endured (vs 1a)
No doubt, in this sinf ...

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