by Wayne Hinson

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For I Am Satisfied By Thy Spirit Part One (4 of 8)
Series: Lord I'm Coming Home
Wayne Hinson
Psalm 51:10-12a

I. I Am Satisfied With How You Will Change Me (vs 10)
A) I Have A Legal Problem
1. The Case
2. The Creator
3. The Cure
B) I Have A Love Problem
C) I Have A Lust Problem
D) I Have A Light Problem

Intro: The first three messages of this series, which were taken from the first nine verses, have defined and described repentance in very fine detail. The portrait that has been painted is a portrait of the greatest explanation and example of repentance to be found anywhere in God's Word. Now we will leave this scene of repentance, and move to another classroom of instruction, entitled restoration. Beginning with verse 10, we find David no longer repenting, but now he is describing and pleading for restoration from God. He has confessed all from a broken heart. He has cried out to God for mercy, pardon, cleansing and now restoration. This is the acid proof of repentance, in that when true repentance has been pleaded by the sinner and pardoned by a Sovereign God, then the forgiven and cleansed person will immediately want to be restored in every detail, back to where they were with God, before the sin occured. David is coming home, but if after confessing and pleading his case before God, and after having been cleansed and forgiven, he decides to stay out in the yard, then he hasn't truly come home. That is not the case with David, he is coming home, and home is inside the house, not sitting out in the yard or standing in the road. David's repentance has been personal, in that he mentioned no one else that he wanted to blame. His repentance is persuasive, in that he has been dead serious from the start. He is coming home, and now we will examine his plea for restoration back to the place where he once stood with God. Concerning his desired restoration, David says:

I. I Am Satisfied with How You Will Change Me ...

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