by Wayne Hinson

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For I Am Satisfied With Thy Spirit Part Two (5 of 8)
Series: Lord, I'm Coming Home
Wayne Hinson
Psalm 51:10-12a

(continued from Part One)
II. I Am Satisfied With How You Will Contain Me
A) No Broken Communication
B) No Broken Communion
C) No Broken Connection

III. I Am Satisfied With How You Will Comfort Me
A) With Restoration
B) With Rejoicing
C) With Remembrance

Intro: In part one of this message, we examined all the cases that had developed in David's life as a result of his rebellion and backsliding. We notice that he had brought before God a legal case, a love case, a lust case and a light case. In this courtroom scene, he had pleaded his cases before God one by one. No doubt, a guilty plea was entered in each case, and there were no extenuating circumstances such as the involvement of others that could be blamed for his sins. Now in this second part of the message, we will move from how God would control David by dealing with his cases, to how God would contain and comfort him. Irregardless of how guilty a backslidden saint is, God will still deal with them in and through His love. Even though there would be correction and consequences for David's sin, that he would have to live with, God still dealt with David in love. Romans 8 tells us that "nothing shall separate us from the love of God". We notice that in David's satisfaction with God, he states that he:

II. I Am Satisfied With How You Will Contain Me (vs 11)

A) No Broken Communication ("cast me not away")
The word "cast" carries a meaning of "to reject, abandon, breaking of relative bonds". It further implies "the misery of the absence of that which had been the object of care, implying no apparent remedy". What a terrible thought it must have been for David to realize that this could be his lot. As he came before God in this psalm, complete terror must have engulfed his entire being. We need to note that this word and it's meaning, is not addre ...

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