by Wayne Hinson

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For I Am Supported By Thy Supply (6 of 8)
Series: Lord, I'm Coming Home
Wayne Hinson
Psalm 51:12b-13

I. Standing Only On True Facts
A) Steps Regulated By Your Grace
B) Stumbles Relieved By Your Goodness
C) Storms Refused By Your Guard

II. Stepping Out On Total Faith
A) To Testify Triumphantly
B) To Teach Transgressors
C) To Treasure Truth

III.Salvation Occuring as Timely Fruit
A) Conviction
B) Conversion
C) Completeness

Intro: Now that David is back home, repentant and restored, we see that he is ready to tell the world just how wonderful his heavenly Father is. He is now anxious to tell all about this wonderful home life that he is once again privileged to be a part of. Is not this the bottom line evidence that a person has experienced genuine repentance and restoration? This is also true revival. Revival will always manifest itself in an outward testimony and witness to sinners. David returned to God with a burning heart for home, and now he wants to share with the world the home that is burning in his heart. Notice that the former words of "make me" are not present in this statement. This is total desire and dedication that is arising out of the clean heart that God has created within him. This heart is overflowing with gratitude for the forgiveness and goodness of God. We have watched this amazing transformation of David from a hard, cold, rebellious and backsliden child of God, to a repentant, restored and rejoicing saint. Now we come to the truth that, for a saint to serve, there must be a supply from his sovereign God. David recognizes that God must supply his every need. We further see David:

I. Standing On True Facts (vs 12b)

A) Steps Regulated By Your Grace ("uphold me")
"Uphold" is a very strong word which is defined as "to sustain, to let lean upon, to prop up, to stand up, to make to stand". This word implies reliance, by an individual, upon another source, which is totally independent ...

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