by Wayne Hinson

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For I Will Be Strong For My Sovereign (7 of 8)
Series: Lord, I'm Coming Home
Wayne Hinson
Psalms 51:14 -15

I. True Spiritual Strength Involves Our Total Self
A) Confirmation
B) Emancipation
C) Personalization

II. True Spiritual Strength Ignites Our Total Self
A) Dedication
B) Declaration
C) Domination

III. True Spiritual Strength Increases Our Total Self
A) Lordship
B) Fellowship
C) Worship

Intro: What a magnificent portrait we have been allowed to view, that began in verse one of this psalm of repentance. This portrait began with our observation of David crawling and scratching his way down the road that would lead him home again. We see him in this weakened state, which was the results and effects of his sins, begin to plead for forgiveness from God. He left out no details in his complete confession. Then, we noticed that his overall demeanor began to change as he progressed from total repentance to total restoration. In the midst of this restoration, David begun to hunger and thirst for the joy that was once his. After restoration, we come to his dedication and commitment to be a witness of his Lord, to any and all that would give an ear. We have traveled down this road that leads back to home with David. We have seen conviction, confession and contrition. We have seen his repentance, restoration and his resolve. Verses 14-15 are a picture of his total sacrifice of himself to God. There is no reserve in David now. He has realized that while in a sinful state, he had given sin all his efforts, and now he would not be satisfied unless he could give God more than he had to sin. This is the picture of the obtaining of godly strength, that would enable him to have the power necessary to carry out his commitment to God. In this commitment of total self, we see:

I. True Spiritual Strength Involves Our Total Self (verse 14a)
This verse is loaded with word pictures that individually and collectively defi ...

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