by Wayne Hinson

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For I Will Be Stable In My Service (8 of 8)
Series: Lord, I'm Coming Home
Wayne Hinson
Psalm 51: 16-17

I. Divine Conditions That Approve Repentance
A) Sacrifices Were Lawful
B) Sacrifices Were Limited
C) Sincerity Was Logical

II. Divine Contrition That Applies Repentance
A) The Platform Of Contrition
B) The Pain Of Contrition
C) The Penetration Of Contrition

III.Divine Commendation That Affirms Repentance
A) God's Sovereign Character
B) God's Sovereign Control
C) God's Sovereign Choice

Intro: Verses 16 and 17 are a divine summation of all the events that have taken place in Psalm 51. Just as David opened this penitent Psalm with a plea for mercy, he now closes this prayer of repentance with the result of a broken and contrite heart. He began by pleading for the mercy of God to be extended to him, and every action of God toward David has been under the blanket of His mercy. Through the mercy of God we can look down into this psalm and view all the details of repentance. But now David is looking back into the details of this psalm, and realizes the results of the application of God's mercy upon him. Verse one opens the door of this psalm, for us to look in, but verses 16-17 are giving us one last look back through the door as we leave. All this serves as a pattern to the redeemed of all ages. Out approach to God , when we are guilty of sin, will always have to be when the same conditions that are defined in this Psalm, are met. God has said, "I am God, I change not". As we expound and exposit these final two verses of David's prayer of repentance, we see David describing:

I. Divine Conditions That Approve Repentance (verse 16)

A) Sacrifices Are Lawful ("for thou desirest not sacrifice")
David's statement concerning sacrifices was not to say that God did not honor the system that the Jews were practicing. He, being a Jew, was well versed and familiar with the Levitical sacrificial system. He also knew th ...

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