by Steve Jones

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The Real Wonderful Life (4 of 4)
Series: The REAL Christmas
Steve Jones
Matthew, John, Psalms

Matthew 4:16 ‘The people living in darkness have seen a great light’

INTRODUCTION: Standing on a snow-covered iron bridge in the Christmas film classic, ‘It’s a Wonderful Life,’ George Bailey cries out in desperation, ‘I want to live! I want to live again!’ He had just been given a ‘rare gift’ - a look at life had he never been born. It wasn’t a pretty sight. Without George, Bedford Falls was Pottersville. Marked by loud music and garish flesh-peddling neon signs, that quaint upstate New York town had slid from Currier and Ives to Sodom and Gomorrah; all because he had never been born.

We’re in a Christmas series entitled The REAL Christmas wherein we’re focusing on the spiritual realities surrounding the birth of Jesus. So far we’ve talked about the REAL Grinch who tried to steal Christmas, the REAL Santa Claus and the REAL miracle on 34th Street. Today I want to talk about the REAL wonderful life by asking the question ‘What if JESUS had never been born?’ What difference would it have made in our world?

Some people are simply ignorant about the impact of Jesus on history. One 12-year-old boy, upon visiting a Sunday school at Christmas time and hearing the story of Jesus’ birth for the first time, approached the teacher to say how much he had enjoyed the story. To the teacher’s shock he said he had never heard it before and wondered why Jesus’ parents gave him the name of a swear-word. The impact Jesus has had on history is immeasurable; yet it is a surprise to some that he is more than a word some use to curse with.

In his five-volume work on world history, historian and religious skeptic H.G. Wells found himself devoting the most space to Jesus Christ. He wrote ‘An historian like myself...cannot portray the progress of humanity honestly without giving Jesus of Nazareth the foremost were dazzled and blinded and cried out against him. Is ...

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