by John Barnett

Habits Of Highly Useful Servants Of God
John Barnett
1 Thessalonians 2:7

I. A Brief survey of Paul's Life.
A. He was born about AD 4.
B. He was born again or saved at about age 28. In AD 32 (Acts 9) records this event with all the excitement of angry citizens, a malignant King Aretas' death threat, and a daring basket over the wall escape. Then,
C. Desert training from the Master Himself and back to home town Tarsus from age 28-40, or AD 32-44. Acts picks uo with then conclusion of the years by his ministry in Antioch. From there he is sent out on a missionary journey.
D. First Missionary Journey at the age of 41-43, (AD 45-47): Along the way he is stoned (14:19) and mistreated and threatened (13:50) all along the way. He doesn/t stop. Writing the Scriptures all the way.
1. From Acts 13 and 14 he wrote Galatians.
2. Opposes Peter and the church for a dual standard about the Ceremonial Law (Galatians).
3. Works with the church at Antioch from age 44-45 (AD 47-49).
E. His Second Missionary Journey takes him from the age of 45-47 (AD 49-51):
1. Along the way he is beaten at Philippi,
2. Run out of Thessalonica, listened to in Berea and then

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3. Laughed out of Athens.He comes home to take off soon on his perhaps final journey in freedom.
4. I & II Thess After second journey.
F. Third Missionary Journey takes him from the age of 48-52 (AD 52-56).
1. I & II Corinthians and Romans From Third
2. After coming back to Jerusalem he is attacked by a mob, jailed, sent to wait for Caesar's hearing in the capital city of Roman Caesarean. From this imprisonment comes a river of joyful epistles.
3. Col., Eph, Philemon, Phil : During Caesarean imprisonment
G. First Roman
1. First Timothy Titus from First Roman imprisonment.
H. Second and Death [Age 63-64, AD 67-68]
1. Second Timothy Second Roman imprisonment

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