by Dennis Marquardt

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Power Of The Tongue! (1 of 5)
Series: Power
Dennis Marquardt
James 3:1-12; 5:16; Prov. 15:4; 18:21

INTRO: Imagine a weapon so powerful that it makes the atom bomb look like a toy! This weapon has the potential to literally bring anguish into the life of every human being on the planet ... but without necessarily destroying them physically. This weapon could however, produce scars that last a lifetime ... scars that may never heal properly. This weapon is available to the poorest as well as the richest of nations ... in fact, even individuals have access to this weapon ... there are few laws against the possession or use of this weapon. No weapon that now exists, or will exist, will have the deadly potential of this ancient weapon ... it is as old as man himself ... the weapon is THE TONGUE!

PROP SENT: The Bible teaches us that our tongue has great power ... to heal or to destroy, to bless or to curse ... we are to be wise in the use of this member of our body ... it can bring pain or pleasure ... it's all in how it is used!

I. TONGUE'S POWER James 3:1-5a; 5:16

A. Historical James 3:1
1. Speech is an awesome and powerful ability ... it is in this sense that James cautions those who would desire to be a speaker ... or a teacher.
a. Words can have such great power, for this reason there comes with speech great responsibilities!
b. Those who speak to others will be held to a higher accountability by God! "Not many of you should presume to be teachers, my brothers, because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly."
2. Why such a warning ... how can language be so powerful as to warrant this warning?
a. Think about history and some of the great movements of this planet:
(1. Nebuchadnezzar boasted with words on how wonderful and strong he was ... he became like an animal for 7 years from such boastful words!
(2. Alexander the Great spoke such bold words also ... and almost conquered the world ... yet he died a young man.

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