by Dennis Marquardt

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I've Gotta Hand It To You (4 of 5)
Series: Power
Dennis Marquardt
Ex. 17:8-15; Gen. 14:22; Ez. 20:5-7; Lev.16:8-10,20-22; 1 Tim. 2:8

INTRO: The hand has always been a powerful symbol of great human truths, all through man's history the hand has been used to portray dynamics that impact all of human society ... even in God's Word the hand is used as a symbol in 4 ways, both for man and God.

We talk about hand to hand combat:
In School we learned to raise our hands for permission to speak.
Metaphors like "handle him with kid gloves."
We wave our hands to express hello and goodbye.
We have songs like "I wanna hold your hand..."
We live sometimes "hand to foot."
We "hand" things down from one generation to another!
WE raise our hands to surrender ... perhaps this in part is the meaning for raising hands in worship!
We have hand guns, hand towels, hands off, hands down, second-hand stores, etc.

We even shake hands ... many people don't realize it but this practice started back when one man who greeted another man might reach for a hidden sword or knife and quickly and tragically end the greeting ... thus the only safe way to prove one's good intention was to show the empty hand and grasp the empty hand of the enemy ... thus by shaking hands they guaranteed their safety and created a covenant of peace ... since most men fought right handed, the right hand became the proper hand to extend from each party!

PROP. SENT: The Bible teaches us that the hand is a powerful symbol in at least 4 ways, a symbol of power, of a pledge, of a pardon ... and as an expression of praise!

I. POWER SYMBOL Ex. 17:8-15

A. Providential Ex. 17:8-11
1. In Moses' case it was his hand that would hold the staff of God ... a symbol of God's power in Moses' hand!
2. The instructions were clear ... Moses was to hold the staff of God in his hand high above the battle field and God would providentially give them the victory in battle!
3. The message is clear here: ...

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