by Dan Hill

How Desperate Are You?
Dan Hill
Isaiah 58:6-9

I believe that we are living in the calamitous times in the history of the world right now. It seems as though we are having a funeral a day for hope. For so many years God has protected the economy of our country and our nation has been safe and secure. We have lacked for little - needed little that was not readily available - worshipped American ingenuity and know how; but God is allowing the screws to be turned and the thermostat is set on high. We have become slaves in our own land.

God has allowed needs and desperation to come into lives, of such a nature that only he can be the answer! See-God knows something that most of us don't know; he knows that apart from needs, we will never be desperate. And without desperation in our lives our natural human nature tends toward complacency and self-satisfaction. One of God's sharpest rebukes was to a church in the Book of Revelation who said, ''We are rich and increased with goods and lack nothing.''

Where we are as a nation and where we are as a church right now at this moment mirrors where we are in our own personal lives. And where we are as a church mirrors where we are in our own personal lives. We may give lip-service to our need of God, but we live as though it is more dependent on us. We have become slaves to our own self-centered sufficiency and the powers of darkness have had their way with us.

Listen to me here: God has created a crisis so he can create prayer because once he gets prayer; he is released to bring heaven's realities into our realities here on earth. God is looking for an occasion to go to war on our behalf! He hates the dominion of darkness over the church and he wants to raise a prayer that will change us...and as result, change the culture around us. BUT...we will have to pray prayers BEYOND our ability. We must have OUTRAGEOUS praying, AUDACIOUS praying. Our children have been taught to FEAST and PLAY, but God is saying that we ...

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