by Ken Trivette

The Lust Of The Spirit
Ken Trivette
Galatians 5:16

1. The Contention That Is Described
a) Two Adversaries
b) Two Appetites
2. The Control That Is Desired
a) What Both Seek to Prevent
b) What Both Seek to Promote
3. The Conduct That Is Displayed
a) The Works of the Flesh
b) The Fruit of the Spirit

1. I almost hesitate to use the word "lust" when speaking of the blessed Holy Spirit in light of how we normally think of the word. In our day and time the word is always used to speak of immoral desire. However, the Bible uses the word "lusteth" to speak of a certain truth about the Holy Spirit and you can be sure that the word when used in reference to Him has nothing in it that is evil or impure.

2. The word "lusteth" means "to fix the desire upon." The word is used to speak of a desire for both good and bad. An example of bad desires in seen in the previous verse, "This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh" (Gal. 5:16). The desires of the flesh are desires for all that is associated with the old life.

3. However, the desires of the Holy Spirit are desires that are associated with the new life a person has in Christ. These holy desires are what is meant by the lust of the Spirit. Let's look at His desires by first noticing:


1. There have been many wars fought throughout the course of history. One statistician is reported to have fed the history of conflict into his computer. The machine went through its binomial contortions and came up with a staggering sum. In the 5560 years of recorded history, there have been 14,531 wars—more than two and a half per year since men began to count.

2. There has hardly been a time when there was not a war being waged somewhere around the world. Paul reminds us of a war that has been waged from the beginning of time and will continue until God takes His people out of the world. It is a war between the flesh and the Holy S ...

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