by Ken Trivette

The Intercession Of The Spirit
Ken Trivette
Romans 8:26

1. The Problem We Face In Prayer
a) Our Infirmities
b) Our Ignorance
2. The Pain We Feel In Prayer
a) Prayer That Is Urgent
b) Prayer That Is Unutterable
3. The Partner We Find in Prayer
a) How the Holy Spirit Intervenes
b) How the Holy Spirit Intercedes

1. What has been written about prayer could fill dozens of libraries. Go to any bookstore and you will find several books covering various aspects of prayer, some by contemporary authors and some by authors of other generations. However, I can't remember finding one that had much to say, if anything, about the role of the Holy Spirit in prayer.

2. As well, much has been written about the Holy Spirit. Yet, I can't recall any book I have read about the Holy Spirit that mentioned anything about Him and our praying. A lot has been written about the person and power of the Holy Spirit, but little, if any about Him assisting the believer in prayer.

3. In our text Paul speaks of the ministry the Holy Spirit and the prayer-life of the believer. Paul teaches us that the Holy Spirit both prays for us and joins in our praying. Jude spoke of "praying in the Holy Ghost" (Jude 1:20). How little of our praying is actually done in the Holy Spirit!

4. Let's look closer at Paul's words and learn about the intercession of the Holy Spirit. First, we see in Paul's words:


1. In Paul's words we find that every believer has two particular problems that require that the intercession of the Holy Spirit. First, Paul speaks of:

A. Our Infirmities

1. Paul speaks of how the "Spirit also helpeth our infirmities." The word "infirmities" is translated on other occasions in the Scripture as "diseased, sickly" and "weak." The word primarily spoke of feebleness or weakness of body.

2. In the context which Paul uses the word, he is speaking of more than a physical weakness of the believer. He is speaking of a weak ...

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