by Ken Trivette

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On The Road With Elijah To Horeb Pt. 1 (9 of 13)
Series: On the Road with Elijah
Ken Trivette

1. A Word That Speaks To What We Are
a) A Servant Surrendered to God's Call
b) A Servant Submissive to God's Command
2. A Word That Speaks To Who We Are
a) A Fervent Person
b) A Faithful Person
3. A Word That Speaks To Where We Are
a) Out of the Will of God
b) Out of the Work of God

1. A famous publisher declared, "If you are an articulate person, you utter some thirty thousand words each day." If these words were put in print, they would amount to a fair-sized book each day. These books would, in a lifetime, fill a good-sized college library. All these books are from the same author. All reflect the life and thought of the author, in his own words, and not a book can be taken down from the shelves or withdrawn from circulation.

2. It is not how much we talk but what we say that is important. I have met a few who were not articulate but certainly uttered more than thirty thousand word each day. They talked a lot, but did not actually say anything. That is, they didn't say anything of value and benefit to those who heard them. On the other hand, I have met those who said very little, but when they said something it was meaningful.

3. You can be certain that whenever God has spoken it was never idle chatter or meaningless talk. I heard someone say that God always meant what He said and said what He meant. Whenever He spoke, there was meaning—eternal meaning—in His words. If anyone knew this truth about God speaking it was Elijah.

4. As we continue our journeys with Elijah we travel with him to Horeb. Horeb was an alternative name for Mount Sinai. The name Horeb means "waste" or "wilderness." This was a place hallowed by time. It was here that the great I Am had appeared to Moses in a burning bush. It was here that the smitten rock gushed forth its refreshing water. It was here that God gave Moses His Law and renewed His covenant with a ...

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