by Ken Trivette

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On The Road With Elijah To Beersheba Pt. 2 (8 of 13)
Series: On the Road with Elijah
Ken Trivette
1 Kings 19:4-8

1. The Presence of the Lord
a) How Timely the Lord's Presence
b) How Tender the Lord's Presence
2. The Provision of the Lord
a) A Supernatural Provision
b) A Sufficient Provision
3. The Plan of the Lord
a) A Further Plan for Elijah
b) A Future Plan for Elijah

1. It is reported that during the siege of Ladysmith, a civilian was arrested, tried by court-martial and sentenced to a year's imprisonment for being a "discourager." The man would go along the picket lines, saying disheartening words to the men on duty. He struck no blows for the enemy. He was not disloyal to the country. But he was a discourager. It was a critical time. The fortunes of the town and its brave garrisons were trembling in the balance. Instead of heartening the men on whom the defense depended and making them braver and stronger, he put faintness into their hearts and made them less courageous. The court-martial adjudged it a crime to speak disheartening words at such a time.

2. The believer has a "discourager." Satan works ceaselessly to discourage those who are in God's work. He has successfully hindered many by discouragement. Even the greatest of God's servants have not escaped the attacks of the "discourager." For example, Elijah!

3. In our last study we traveled with him to Beersheba. In this study we continue our travels by going with him into the wilderness of Beersheba. In Genesis 21:14 we see Hagar and her child as they "wandered in the wilderness of Beersheba." Geographically, Beersheba marked the southern limit of Judah and was the extreme border of the cultivated land. Known as the "gateway to the desert," beyond was a desolate desert area. It is in this wilderness that we find Elijah ultimately making his way after he fled from Jezebel.

4. As we left Elijah in our last study we found him running for his life. He made his way to B ...

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