by Ken Trivette

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On The Road With Elijah To Beersheba Pt. 1 (7 of 13)
Series: On The Road With Elijah
Ken Trivette
1 Kings 19:1-3

1. A Sure Reaction
a) The Report of Ahab
b) The Revenge of Jezebel
2. A Surprising Reaction
a) Sight That Is Misdirected
b) Sight That Is Misconceiving
3. A Stunning Reaction
a) His Fearfulness
b) His Forgetfulness

1. Thus far in our travels with Elijah we have been to Cherith, Zarephath, and Carmel. In this study we travel with him to Beersheba (1 Kings 19:3). Beersheba was a city located within the land that had been given by Joshua to the tribe of Judah (cp. Josh. 15:28, 19:2). Its name had been given by Abraham when Abimelech had sworn to protect Abraham's right to the water in the region (cp. Gen. 21:22-33). It was then that Abraham had named the place Beersheba which means "well of the oath" or "well of the seven," referring to the seven lambs that were given to Abimelech as a witness to the agreement.

2. John Phillips says of Elijah, "He was a mountain of a man, a giant who strode across the world like a Colossus. He was a man with a fierce passion for holiness. His fiery eye and fearless mien caused even kings to tremble. He was a Melchizedek among the prophets, appearing suddenly out of nowhere and, so far as the record goes, without father or mother, without beginning or ending of days. He appears suddenly, startlingly upon the page of Scripture. He disappears at last in a chariot of fire, caught up to heaven, as one raptured before the time." (1)

3. When we think of the great men of the Bible, Elijah is one, if not the first, we think about. He is one that we tend to place very high on a spiritual pedestal. However, there is an interesting statement made about Elijah in James 5:17. The Scripture says, "Elias was a man subject to like passions as we are." We may tend to think of Elijah as being in a special class of individuals, but James reminds us that he was but a man—a man like each of us.

4. He was a "m ...

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