by Ken Trivette

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On the Road with Elijah to Carmel - Part 1 (4 of 13)
Series: On the Road with Elijah
Ken Trivette
1 Kings 18:1-18

1. The Call That Elijah Heard
a) Complete Obedience
b) Continual Obedience
2. The Confrontation That Elijah Had
a) A Passing Confrontation
b) A Planned Confrontation
3. The Confidence That Elijah Held
a) A God That Overrules All Things
b) A God That Oversees All Things

1. As we have traveled with Elijah, we have been to the brook Cherith and Zarephath. In this study we find ourselves on the road again with Elijah. Our destination is Mount Carmel. The village of Carmel is located in the tribal territory assigned to Judah (Josh. 15:55). King Saul set up a monument in Carmel after a defeat of the Amalekites in the area (1 Sam. 15:12). There Nabal disrespected David and his men (1 Sam. 25:2-40).

2. The name "Carmel" means "garden, fruitful." Mount Carmel was known as a place of great beauty and fertility. The Easton's Bible Dictionary says, "No mountain in or around Palestine retains its ancient beauty so much as Carmel. Two or three villages and some scattered cottages are found on it; its groves are few but luxuriant; it is no place for crags and precipices or rocks of wild goats; but its surface is covered with a rich and constant verdure. The whole mountain-side is dressed with blossom, and flowering shrubs, and fragrant herbs."(1)

3. Located about seven miles from Hebron, the towering mountain reaches a maximum elevation of 1,750 feet. Its wooded glens and caves served as a place that offered asylum to the fugitive and hunted. Its remote heights and groves with their spacious outlook over land and sea have served as scenes of worship throughout history. On its heights an altar had been erected for the worship of Yahweh (cp. 1 Kings 18:30). The place is traditionally known as "the place of burnt sacrifice." It was here that one of the thrilling stories of the Bible occurred. Here Elijah would confront the worshippers o ...

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