by Ernest Easley

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One of God’s Great Don’ts
Dr. Ernest Easley
Psalm 37:1–8

Last Sunday night from Psalm 42 .. God helped us with discouragement and depression. We walked out of here with some wonderful and practical help in getting up when we’re down. In fact … as I stood at the door last Sunday night after worship … an elderly man was the first one through the door and as he walked up to me .. he had a tear resting on his check. I leaned over and with my thumb wiped his tear and smiled. He then said what all of us that were here could have said. He said, "Pastor, I needed that."
I don’t know about you … but every time I open and begin reading His Word .. I can say, "I needed that."
Well .. tonight from Psalm 37 .. I want to show you another Bible principle .. that when you read it you will once again say, "I needed that." Now this is not the first time we’ve considered this Psalm. But in our time together .. we’re going to take a fresh look at it because we need in our life what it says. So take God’s Word and turn with me to Psalm 37.
Now if you want to learn how to take your worship to the next level .. then just spend some time in Psalms. The Psalms will enhance your worship. The Psalms will put some joy in your worship.
There was a little boy who went to visit his grandparents during his summer vacation. One afternoon he looked out the window and saw a mule grazing in the pasture. He said, "Granpa, is that old mule a Christian too?"
His Granpa said, "Of course that mule is not a Christian too. Why do you ask that?" He said, "Well, I thought maybe he was because his face is so long."
The best thing that some of you can do for your face is to spend some time in the book of Psalms. It will put joy in your heart and a smile on your face for it teaches you how to worship and praise the Lord in all your circumstances.
Well .. here in Psalm 37 you find something that will take the smile right off your face if you’re not careful. You say, "Pastor, ...

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