by Dan Hill

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Under the Influence…of the Holy Spiritual (1 of 4)
Series: Under the Influence
Dan Hill
Acts 1:4-8

I want to begin this very important summer by speaking what I believe to be a prophetic word from God: We desperately need a fresh baptism of the power of heaven on us! I am not just talking about us as a nation although I think you would agree that we as a nation are in the midst of moral catastrophe. I am not even talking primarily about the world although I think you would agree that if something doesn’t happen, and quickly, civilization as we know it, will simply implode under the weight of its own sinfulness.

What I believe God is asking in this time, is what God has always been asking: "Do you really want me?" So I want to ask you as candidly as I know how: Are you at a point in your life where you can openly admit, "I must have MORE of God." Or, are you willing to go on the rest of your life as you are now? I FOR ONE, AM AT THE PLACE WHERE I DON’T FEEL LIKE I CAN GO OILING AND ADJUSTING THE MACHINERY OF OUR CHURCH. I MUST HAVE, WE MUST HAVE A SPECIAL WORK - FRESH, NEW, DEEPER, FULLER, AND MORE POWERFUL IN OUR HEARTS.

And yet here is the situation in which the Holy Spirit must act. In April, of this year, the Barna Research Group did extensive opinion research into the beliefs of evangelical Christians across America. What they discovered was startling and yet not surprising considering the moral abyss that America has drifted into. Now bear in mind this research was done among people just like the majority of us. 6 out of 10 evangelical believers in this country do not believe that the Holy Spirit is a real living entity but merely a "symbolic of God’s power and presence." By the way, the numbers were similar as to the beliefs about a living being called Satan. The Barna Research report said this in summarizing the report: "Most Americans, even those who say they are Christian, have doubts about the intrusion of the supernatural into the natural wo ...

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