by Joe Alain

The World Is Not Enough
Joe Alain
Luke 12:15c

"A man’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions" (Lk. 12:15c, NIV)

You can’t take it with you! Or can you? A colleague friend recently told me about an interesting sight he witnessed. From the vantage point of a busy intersection, a funeral was in full procession. My friend, the captivated onlooker, watched the passing parade: a freshly washed funeral coach, limousines and the assortment of cars and SUVs of relatives and friends all with their headlights beaming. There was nothing out of the ordinary here except what coincidently happened to be following the last car in the procession – a U–Haul truck! Some people do actually live and die as if they will be able to take it with them. Like the pharaohs of ancient Egypt, many long for an after life; even if it does resemble a "Temptation Island" one."

In the gospel of Luke (12:13–21) there is recorded a story about a man who lived and died as if he could take all of his beloved possessions and honors with him. Instead of loading U–hauls and building pyramids however, he was building bigger barns. He lived for the day at hand. He thought that this world would be enough.

The parable that Jesus spoke (Lk. 12:16–ff.) came on the heels of an inheritance dispute that was brought before Him (Lk. 12:13). We are told that there was a person from the crowd who demanded of Jesus that He tell his brother to give him the rightful share of his father’s inheritance. Here is a common scenario played out before us. It is a family feud that is as ancient as Cain and Abel and as contemporary as today’s family court. Who is going to get the father’s inheritance? Who gets the prize?If you really want to see true human character at work, watch people while the estate is being divided. There are brothers and sisters who are not speaking to each other today because of financial family feuds. These feuding brothers before Jesus were scrambling for da ...

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