by Joe Alain

The Way of Cain
Joe Alain
Jude 11a

''Woe to them! For they have gone in the way of Cain''

Occasion: A sermon preached after the school shooting tragedy at Littleton, Colorado

Dave Sanders was a popular computer and business teacher who also coached the girls' basketball, softball, and track teams. Married with three daughters, his last words on April 20th were ''I'm not going to make it. Tell my girls I love them.'' John Tomlin worked after school at a gardening store. Just last year he had gone on a mission's trip to Mexico where he helped build houses for the poor. A typical young man, he loved to drive his beat-up Chevy truck. He had dreams of enlisting in the army in a couple of years. His dream ended on a Tuesday in a flurry of bullets. Rachel Joy Scott had played the lead in a recent school play. A committed Christian, Scott had recently written in her cousin's yearbook that ''It's hard to find God through these halls.'' But she urged her cousin Sarah Scott, to keep on trying. The girl who befriended strangers, the girl with the ideal middle name was buried two Saturdays ago.

Scott along with eleven of her classmates and a teacher were gunned down in a blinding rampage through the halls of Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado. Two angry and alienated young men, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, succumbed to the forces of darkness and hate in what has become an all too familiar tragedy. Littleton, Colorado now takes its unwanted place in the growing list of middle America towns who have come under attack from the latest form of suburban warfare. There have been no less than six other recent shootings involving U. S. schools since 1997. Syndicated columnist Cal Thomas recently commented on the latest madness: ''After Paducah, Ky., after Jonesboro, Ark., after Springfield, Ore., the pattern is familiar. With chips on their shoulders, grievances in their hearts and weapons in their hands, students who should be planning for life instead plot d ...

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