by Fred Lowery

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Let the Church Be the Church (1 of 3)
Series: I Love My Church
Dr. Fred Lowery
July 18, 2010
Scripture Used: Matthew 16:18; 1 Corinthians 3:11; Acts 2:36–47; Acts 2:32

There have been three big topics in the news this week. I haven’t seen the last couple of days but when I got to catch part of the new, the latest cap on the oil well and I don’t know if it’s holding or not. They worried about it, they got it on there and they began to you know tighten those screws to shut it down but they were afraid that the pressure might not hold and it could be worse than ever if it explodes again. So that’s on the mind of all of us and we pray for those people that are touched by that terrible oil spill. The second thing that kept going across the news this week was teaching ten year olds in sex education various ways to have sexual intercourse. That’s frightening but that was the news. And then the third thing, President Obama’s finance guy on a talk show said America is headed for disaster. Wonder where he got that idea? And he said we can’t pay what we owe and yet we are continuing to spend. I don’t know how long this guy is going to be with President Obama but that’s where we are. So what’s going on in America is wild. Can you just believe some of the wild things going on, not just in Washington but across this country? Worrisome things, weird stuff, how many of you just see stuff on television and say to yourself that is so weird. I can’t believe people will do things, act this way. Weird and way stupid in some cases and wicked in other ways, absolute wickedness in our day in our country. You say pastor, that’s pretty depressing but that’s not where I am headed because I want you to know, I don’t mind telling you I’m excited because it gives us our greatest opportunity. I’m excited because I think it’s getting gloriously dark. I think that it’s not going to be long before the literal return of Jesus Christ back to this earth. You see one day Jesus ...

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