by Steve Wagers

Out With the Old, In With the New!
Pastor Steve N. Wagers
Joshua 1:10–18
September 19, 2010

1. A New DIET!
A) A Message to Strengthen Them
B) A Menu to Satisfy Them
2. A New DELAY!
A) Their Impossible Goal
B) Their Incredible God
A) How they Missed Out
B) Why they Messed Up

Joshua has just received specific, special and sacred instructions as to how God would bless, honor and prosper his future endeavor of leading the children of Israel into the land of promise. If Joshua was to succeed, then he had to observe God’s Word explicitly and obey God’s Word entirely.

As we come to these verses of our text, it’s time to get ready for the trip. It is a long–awaited trip, as well as a much anticipated trip. It is a trip across the Jordan River to make their way toward Canaan.

I read about a pastor, the other day, who was winding up his temperance sermon with great favor. He said, "If I had all the beer in the world, I'd take it and throw it into the river." And the congregation cried, "Amen!"

He shouted, "And if I had all the wine in the world, I'd take it and throw it in the river." And the congregation cried, "Amen!" He continued, "And if I had all the whiskey and demon rum in the world, I'd take it all and throw it in the river." And the congregation cried, "Hallelujah!"

The preacher sat down. The song leader stood up and announced, "For our closing song, let us sing hymn #365, 'Shall we gather at the river'."

In the Bible, the Jordan River is known as the place of miracles. Someone has said that, "The waters of the Jordan were so troubled that the fish didn’t know which way to swim." It was at the Jordan River that many marvelous, momentous and miraculous things took place, none greater than the baptism of Jesus Himself.

However, for Joshua, and the children of Israel, the crossing of the Jordan was their first step toward the land of promise. In the words of Neil Armstrong, crossing the Jordan wou ...

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