by David Cook

When God's People Pray
David Cook
Acts 4:23-31

Illus: Wayne Watson song, "When God's People Pray." Trouble knockin' on your window pane, Stormy weather at your door. And the outlook for the day ahead like the day before. People tell you prayin' changes things, But the words don't stop the fear. The prayer is only pious repelling without a Father's ear. He will not turn away when His people pray. When God's people pray, and take the pains of earth to the doors of heaven. When God's people pray, there is hope reborn, there is sin forgiven. And miracles you can't explain a way. When God' people pray...

What happens when God's people pray? What are the results?

-God's Preeminence is Recognized Col. 1:18, Phil. 2:8-12
What has been going on that encouraged God's people to come together in prayer? In chapter 3, a crippled man had been healed by the power of Jesus' Name. Apostles Peter and John were preaching and teaching the good news of Jesus death, burial, resurrection, letting everyone know they could have a new life through turning away from sin and through putting their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ alone for salvation. They were boldly lifting up the Name of Jesus Christ! Now, they had been brought before the Sanhedrin, the Jewish council that had condemned Jesus to death just six weeks earlier. God's men were to give testimony as to the uproar they were causing. Peter and John were warned to stop speaking and teaching in the Name of Jesus Christ. (Acts 4:7-12)
Did that slow the Apostles down? No! Not at all! It's almost always right to obey government, but believers answer to God first and foremost. Why? We recognize His Preeminence. (Col. 1:17-18) Do you recognize the Preeminence of the Lord Jesus Christ? Jesus Christ is Lord of creation…reconciliation…glorification. Jesus made everything…Through His blood, you are made right before God. One day, He will present you faultless before the Father. No one, but Jesus could love you that much. ...

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