by Dan Hill

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The King and His Kingdom (1 of 11)
Series: From Here to Kingdom Come
Dan Hill
Matthew 4:23-24

The most famous kingdom on the planet today is a make-believe kingdom known as The Magic Kingdom and it is found at Disney World. Can you imagine what it would be like if the entire world was indeed a magic kingdom? Just think about it a minute: 1) Everything would be spotlessly clean; 2) Everything would be nice; 3) All the news would be good news; 4) the only work would be plat; 5) and the only object would be to have fun; 6) life would be one thrill after another.

There would, however, be two very real problems if all the world was a magic kingdom: First of all, most of the world could not afford to get in (have you seen the prices at Disney World lately?). But the second problem if all the world was a magic kingdom is this; THERE IS NO KING THERE.

I want to try and help us discover another kingdom in the next several weeks. Unlike The Magic Kingdom, it is a real kingdom. Unlike The Magic Kingdom, it is not a kingdom you can see, but rather a kingdom you cannot see. And unlike The Magic Kingdom which will be gone in time, this kingdom lasts for all eternity.

This kingdom is not "The Magic Kingdom," it is The Master's Kingdom. It is a kingdom where Christ is king, Jesus is Lord, a kingdom where there is no war, just peace; not sadness, just joy; no sickness, just health; no death, just life; no hatred, just love; no fear, just faith.

It is a kingdom where one day the lion will lie down with the lamb; where the child will play with a snake; where the wolf will feed WITH the sheep and not ON the sheep. In the Bible it is called the kingdom of God.

God's kingdom is the centerpiece around which all of God's plans hinge. It is constantly spoken of in the Old Testament - it was the subject of every sermon and teaching by the most influential man in history, Jesus Christ. And if Jesus made the kingdom of God the center of his message and the center of ever ...

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