by Dan Hill

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The Kingdom: Character That Pursues Peace (6 of 11)
Series: From Here to Kingdom Come
Dan Hill
Matthew 5:9

God not only wants all people to live in a state of contentment and joy, he provides the enablement and power to live in consistent happiness, fulfillment, and satisfaction. The fact is, God is a happy God and he wants happy people. It would rather unusual for a happy God to want to produce unhappy people. And yet, it is rather unusual for God to be spoken of or even thought of as a "happy" God. People talk of God's wrath and his judgment; many people consider God to be so serious that he never laughs, is totally against fun, and is rather grumpy. Others think of God as nothing more than a "force." NOTHING COULD BE ANY FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH!

God takes joy and delight in us even though sometimes, we break his heart. The Bible says that he sings over you because he is not only personal and powerful, he is the perfect, loving benevolent father who is excited to do good things in your life and provide for your every need out of his goodness. And all of that opens up to you when you enter the kingdom of God and surrender to God's direction over your life. It is called, "being born-again." But after you are born again there's more! You get to see, feel, and experience all that it means for God to take charge of all your circumstances and begin to give you godly direction for your life, home, career, relationships, everything!

So to help us understand what it looks like, feels like, to actually live out God's kingdom over us in real life, Jesus began his public ministry by describing it to us. It is called "The Sermon on the Mount," and it is the most famous address in all of history. Jesus introduces a radically different kind of life that is ruled over by a radically different kind of king. This king is not a tyrant, he is loving. This king is not into selfish indulgence, he is into selfless giving. THIS KING DOES NOT WANT SOMETHING FROM YOU, HE WANTS ...

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