by Dan Hill

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The Pardon of Prayer (10 of 11)
Series: From Here to Kingdom Come
Dan Hill
Matthew 6:9-12; 14-15

When God redeems and saves a person, he doesn't immediately take them to heaven but instead sends us back into our homes, our places of business and work, demonstrating and living out what life looks like when God is in charge. But God's kingdom must be by its very nature a total kingdom for God is not a half-god ruling over our spiritual lives but not ruling over our social lives as well. God must be totally present; and if he is, he will make life totally relevant. The only alternative is for God to be totally nothing and irrelevant to our lives. It is simply impossible to tuck God away into some neat little corner of our lives. He must be God of all - or not God at all.

When God is God, ruling over every area of your life, he promises to be THE ANSWER to every need of your life. And God has given us the means of prayer to bring heavens' resources into our lives RIGHT NOW! So in Matthew 6, right in the middle of the greatest sermon ever preached - on the greatest subject ever discussed (the kingdom), Jesus give us a series of topics that we can pray with the assurance and the confidence that if we pray according to this model; God will hear us every time and will respond to us every time.

The first topic that we begin prayer with is PRAISE. And Jesus specifically says that we can use the NAMES OF GOD, found all through the Bible, as the assurance that God is exactly what we need for every situation that could ever come into our lives. He says that we are to "holy" the names of God because we can know what God will do and how God will act by the descriptive names of God in scripture. That was THE PERSON of the prayer.

Then God said that THE PURPOSE of prayer was to secure the rule and reign of God over every area of life by praying; "Your kingdom come, your will be done. Make it on earth just like your will in heaven." And we so desperately need the will ...

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