by Dan Hill

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Protecting Our Families (6 of 8)
Series: This Day We Fight
Dan Hill
Job 1:6-10

In the first chapter of the Book of Job there is defined an awesome principle of protection for our families, our livelihoods, our church, and our nation - it is the principle of the "Hedge of Protection." When you begin to understand this principle, you begin to see it all over the Bible.
? There was a hedge of protection around the Garden of Eden after God created it and put Adam and Eve into it.
? In the Book of Daniel, there was a hedge of protection around the three young Hebrew men who were thrown into the fiery furnace.
? Daniel himself experienced this hedge when he was put into the lion's den.
? There was a hedge of protection that surrounded the Jewish people when they were in captivity in Egypt and the Ten Plagues hit there.
? There was a hedge around Paul and Silas when they were thrown into prison in Acts 16.
? Numerous times the New Testament writers describe situations in which God miraculously and supernaturally delivered them in the midst of crushing and painful situations and circumstances.

What I most want you to see is there IS and hedge of protection that is available for us and it is possible for us to ENACT this hedge!

I believe that the first priority of a father is to protect his family. If you are a single mother, your priority must be to protect that family in the absence of a dad. Church - one of our greatest ministries must be the building of hedges of protection around this church and around those who call this their spiritual family.

One of the most serious errors in our thinking today is this; we think that our responsibilities for protecting the family begins at birth and somehow that ends when those children reach adulthood. And we sort of give the idea that after they reach the age of adults, it's all up to them and we just, sort of, let them go spiritually. And I want to tell you; there is not one bit of scriptural evidence to s ...

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