by Dan Hill

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Grace and Healing (4 of 10)
Series: Grace Like Rain Series
Dan Hill
2 Samuel 9

The culture that we live in just doesn't understand the grace of God. We often hear words like karma, fate and luck but there is not much talk about grace. And maybe one of the reasons grace is not talked about is because it is so misunderstood. In our culture grace has come to mean entitlement, tolerance, and indulgence. And besides that, in our culture the supreme values are talent - attractiveness - education - advancement - achievement - and prosperity. And in a thousand ways, every day, the message out there is, you need to measure up to something. The corresponding message is that measuring up to something is the way to feel good about yourself and be accepted by others. So we don't understand grace and we don't operate on grace.

Dr. James Dobson reported seeing a sign on a convent in California that read like this: "Absolutely no trespassing! Violators will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law!" then it was signed, "The Sisters of Mercy."

The fact is, everyone needs grace. And one of the reasons we need the grace of God is because absolutely no one sails through life without trials and tribulations in their life. And lots of times, those trials and tribulations cause pain and hurts…and wounds, sometimes deep wounds result. All of us in this room have wounds.

Some of you carry the wounds because you have felt people looked down on you your whole life. And you feel like you have never really belonged anywhere.

Some of you have been wounded deeply by family members. Instead of having acceptance, love, security and understanding, you feel rejected and neglected. Some of you have been abused and misused. Instead of the security and acceptance of mom and dad, you lived with the feeling that you never did anything quite right.

Some of you have been hurt at the workplace. You gave your all to the company and business, and you did a good job. But rather than a ...

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