by Dan Hill

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Decorating Our Homes with Grace (10 of 10)
Series: Grace Like Rain Series
Dan Hill
Luke 15:11-24

God wants you to know the reality of grace in your life. And if you truly know the reality of that grace, it will affect every single part of your life. So as we come to the close of the "Grace Like Rain Series," I am asking God to speak to each of us concerning something that is closest to our hearts - our homes.

Someone said that if your relationship to Christ is not working at home, it's not working. But all of us in this room know that the hardest place in the world to actually live out the grace of God is in our homes. I mean, those who live with us have seen us not just at our best, but they have also seen us at our worst. They know where every rough edge is; they know all the places in our life that still look, sort of, unredeemed. It is like that fellow who was asked by someone else, "Are you saved?" He answered honestly by saying, "In spots." The truth is none of us has arrived and all of us still have spots that are under heavy construction by the Holy Spirit of God. And many of us look like and sound like construction zones.

So I want to talk about "Decorating our Homes with Grace." How can our homes become places where grace is not just a word we talk about but something that is experienced?

Without a doubt one of the most difficult jobs in life is that of being a parent. Dr. James Dobson wrote a book entitled, "Parenting Isn't for Cowards." I second that thought! It is difficult, demanding, and really frustrating. It is the job we are least trained to do and yet it has the highest expectations attached to it. It is also the most costly thing we will ever do - emotionally, mentally, and physically. And to top it off - it is a permanent condition from which there is no escape! About the time you begin to sort of figure out how to do it, they grow up and leave home!

One lady was complaining that here three kids were driving her crazy. She s ...

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