by Dan Hill

Going On By Going Back
Dan Hill
Nehemiah 8:1-10

May I ask you, how many of you are Christians…who are backslidden? The reality is most of us in this room don't really believe we are backsliders at all. And the reason is that we tend to think that folks who are backslidden are living in UNCONCERNED - UNCONFESSED - UNCONCEALED SIN and obviously needs to get right with God. BUT - if there has even been a time when you loved Jesus more than you love him now - a time when you were more excited about God than you are now - a time when you were closer to God than you are right now, YOU ARE BACKSLIDDEN.

Do you know what you have to do to backslide? Absolutely nothing!

The Christian life is an event that is followed by a process; a beginning that is continually renewed and lived out. The tragic thing is that many have stopped at the event thinking that is all there is to it, never moving beyond that baby step. They live the rest of their life struggling with the same old thought patterns, the same nagging habits and hang ups, the same cherished idols, and they settle for a "settled for kind of life," never experiencing the real freedom and joy God wants to give them.

The Christian life is a lot like riding a bicycle, if you don't keep on pedaling, you are destined to fall off! Here is a truth that I pray God will burn into our hearts: Wherever you are, whatever you know, whatever great experiences you may have had in days gone by - THERE'S MORE! Why would you settle for less when there is more?

There are times and seasons in life in which to go forward, we must first go back.

That is what these days of intense prayer are all about. We are asking God for nothing less than a mighty visitation from heaven! I hope you are using the Prayer Guides. I hope all of you that are in small groups are praying for a fresh breath of heaven. AND I pray that God gives us an air of powerful expectation that God is going to do something so singularly unique, so powerful ...

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