by Rex Yancey

Everybody Wants to Hide Nobody Wants to Seek
Rex Yancey
Luke 15

Most of us have played "Hide and Seek. Do you remember what the person was called who was to be the seeker? It. "Okay, you're it!" Nobody wanted to be it. Tag was another game where we would say "Tag, you're it!"
-I heard about a skeleton that was found in an old building that was being torn down on one of our university campuses. I will let you decide which university. But anyway, they found a skeleton that had been there for a long time. They did an investigation and found out the old boy had won a hide and seek contest back in the 60's!
-In the game of hide and seek, the object of the game is lost and found. If someone hid too well, you would not invite them to play again. The object was to be found.
In our text today the common theme in all these stories is lost and found. The sheep was lost and was found. The coin was lost and was found. The son was lost and was found. The finding resulted in rejoicing.
-Notice there is a progression in that which was lost. The sheep represents 1%. The coin represents 10%. The son represents 50%.
-Have you ever lost anything important? I lose my glasses all the time. I lose my schedule calendar from time to time. I have even misplaced my cell phone a time or two. When these items are found, there is a great deal of rejoicing that goes on.
Let's look at this parable that Jesus gave to those who were listening to Him on this day long ago. The punch line will come at the end of the story.
I have never been a sheepherder. I have never owned or been around sheep very much in my life. But I do know a little about sheep.
-Sheep have no sense of direction. Dogs do. You can carry a dog off somewhere and he is likely to be back at your house in a few days. Cats do. A cat can find its way back to your house.
-Sheep are dumb animals. They will put their nose to the ground and wander away from protection. They are oblivious to ...

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