by David Cook

Where to Find Safety in a Dangerous World
David Cook
Joshua 20:1-9
August 29, 2010

My purpose this morning is to lead you to the Lord Jesus Christ who is the only real source of safety in a dangerous world.

I. The world we live in is becoming increasingly danger conscious.
* One of my favorite Christian pastors and authors is David Jeremiah. I'm currently reading one of his new books called, What In the World Is Going On? Chapter 4 is titled, "Islamic Terrorism." In this chapter, Pastor Jeremiah references Georges Sada, an air force commander under Saddam Hussein. Sada speaks about the spreading of Islam around the world: "I'm often asked about militant Islam and the threat of global terrorism. More than once I've been asked about the meaning of the Arabic words Fatah and Jihad. What I normally tell them is that to followers of the militant brand of Islam, these doctrines express the belief that Allah has commanded them to conquer the nations of the world both by cultural invasion and by the sword. In some cases this means moving thousands of Muslim families into a foreign land - by building mosques and changing the culture from the inside out, and by refusing to assimilate or adopt the beliefs or values of that nation - to conquer the land for Islam. This is an invidious doctrine, but it's…being carried out in some places today by followers of this type of Isalam."

Where do you find safety in a dangerous, fearful world? Everyone has some kind of fear they are dealing with. That fear can increase as many folks spend a great majority of their days filling their mind with C-SPAN, FOX, CNN. They watch so much bad news during the day and go to bed at night with their hearts and minds full of images and stories they've seen through the day. (Terrorist activity, murders, accidents, deaths, robberies, unemployment, government that is out of control, etc.).
Yes, the world we live in is a dangerous world and it always has been since Adam and Eve listen ...

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