by Jerry Branch

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Joy In Worship: What Does Real Worship Look Like? (10 of 15)
Series: Disciple-Life: A Life of Joy and Happiness in Christ
Gerald Branch
Phil 3:2-3

© 2010, Gerald Branch
Thoughts: To have real joy, we must understand correct doctrine
(seen in Paul's warnings)
Worship in the Spirit
What does that look like?
Do you long to worship?
When you wake up on Sunday, and ask yourself, "what do I want to do today?"
Is your first and only response…go worship God!
Paul defines the real Christian as one who worships God in the spirit out of which that person has a recognizable joy.
This passage challenges us today to check and see
if we have Joy because we're worshiping God in Spirit,
OR are we missing that joy from our worship?
As I thought about that myself while God was preparing me for this message,
He reminded me that in the Old Testament, David said in Psalm 122:1 (NAS) I was glad when they said to me, "Let us go to the house of the LORD."
So I hope that when you leave here today,
you'll have discovered or perhaps 're-discovered' God's joy
that comes when we gather to worship Him on Sundays.
Let's jump into our text…
The first thing we find is that Paul said that it was 'no problem'
for him to be writing to the Philippians and speaking to them again
about something that he had already said to them before…
In fact, he was basically saying, that he isn't even apologizing for repeating himself because what he wants to do is to make sure that
they really had heard what he said,
and that they really had understood what it was he had been telling them about having this thing called Christian Joy…
So like Paul, it's not a problem for me to do it again, even at the risk of sounding 'repetitious,' because I KNOW that worship in our Christian lives is so important
that it's imperative that we really understand why and how we worship.
Once we're saved, Loving God is at the VERY core of being a Christia ...

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