by Jerry Branch

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'Old Self vs. New Self'…Joy Through The Heart-Changing Experience Of Jesus (11 of 15)
Series: Disciple-Life: A Life of Joy and Happiness in Christ
Gerald Branch
Philippians 3:4-14

©2010, Gerald Branch

You'll remember, that as we have seen, Paul reminded us in verse 3, that

'we are the circumcision who worship God in the spirit [or better by the Spirit], and we rejoice in Christ Jesus, and on top of that, none of us have any confidence in the flesh'.
Now, today, we move on into verses 4 to 14 and we find Paul gives us
a much more detailed development of the theme already stated in verse 3, and ESPECIALLY how this works out, or what it looks like, in our lives.
In other words, Paul moves to the 'application' for the believer,
as evidenced in his own life as an example.
Now, as we know, Paul was really addressing the false teachings
and arguments of the Judaisers,
these again were the people who wanted the Gentile Christians
to believe that in addition to faith in Christ,
they ALSO needed to 'practice certain Jewish customs' as well.
In other words, it wasn't enough Trust in Jesus…
to be saved they also needed to 'be practicing Jews' who believed in Jesus.
One of the KEY issues the Judaisers emphasized was that
the Gentile Christian also had to be circumcised along with following certain Jewish religious practices before
they could really claim to be a true Christian.
But if that wasn't bad enough, on top of all this,
these false teachers were also boasting about HOW good they were.
But Paul counters their lies, and says, that if anybody had any right at all to boast, he, Paul, was the one who could really boast,
and he goes on and gives them a real convincing list
as to all the things he used to be and all that he used to do.
Maybe as you read this passage then, you would ask yourself,
"why and what would Paul's list here tell us anything today?"
Simply put…this passage serv ...

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