by Jerry Branch

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Keep on Pressing on with a Jesus-Perspective (12 of 15)
Series: Disciple-Life: A Life of Joy and Happiness in Christ
Gerald Branch
Phil 3:13-20

© 2010, Gerald Branch

As we saw last week, in verses 4-14, Paul dealt with
the false teachings of the Judaisers
by in effect using his testimony and telling about his own life as a Jew,
and then contrasting how his whole way of thinking
and his whole way of living changed once he accepted
Jesus Christ as His Savior and Lord.
But as we know, Paul's intention was not to just write about his life,
but INSTEAD, it was really to help the church
by sharing the key life-principles of living lives
that are managed and led by Jesus.
So if we too, like the Philippian Church, will then
listen to and put into practice in our own lives the same
key -Christ-following-Principles,
then we too can have the same joy
and the same happiness
and the same great life-experiences of living
the Christ- centered life that not only Paul was experiencing,
but that also Christians have been able to have
down through the centuries.
So, let's look at the key principles Paul instructs us from.
First, he tells us that we need to have the RIGHT belief.
He says, "Philippians 3:15 (NAS)
15 Let us therefore, as many as are perfect, have this attitude; and if in anything you have a different attitude, God will reveal that also to you;"
First, I want to deal with this thing of 'as many as are Perfect'…
This is one that will get us into trouble especially IF…
IF we don't know what Paul's talking about.
So, do you see yourself as perfect…OR do you fall short and beat yourself up in the process?
Well, again, we need to get a good accurate perspective of what this 'perfect' thing is, and there's only one place to do that…it's God's Word, otherwise, we'll work with a flawed understanding.
Too many times we think that we are supposed to DO things that will SHOW that we're ...

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