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Rx Short-List for Joy! (14 of 15)
Series: Disciple-Life: A Life of Joy and Happiness in Christ
Gerald Branch
Phil. 4:4-9
August 15, 2010

Copyright © 2010 Gerald D Branch

A lot of folks I talk with all want to be happy and to have joy in their lives.
But the constant theme I hear, is that something bad has happened in their life…
a marriage failed; a relationship bombed;
there is serious illness; they're struggling with their kids;
they're fighting some addictive lifestyle;
and the list of 'doom-bombs' goes on.
Now understand, these are Christian people too.
They know Jesus, but they're in this downward joy-killing-spiral…
and their lives certainly are not showing much of Jesus
while they're wallowing in their misery.
Well, Paul really hits the nail right on the head…
so, as we look at this this morning,
would you do this?…
would you pray and ask God to speak to you
and show you how you can be really joyful…
just maybe, what Paul says will help you
either through some situation you're going through right now,
or that you might go through in the future…
Paul gives us FOUR very distinct 'Prescriptions' right up front…
each one is actually independent of the other.
And you won't get charged even a 'co-pay!'
This is also one of those places where we need a little understanding of
the language…now, you don't need to be able to read Greek,
but it does help to sometimes look in some good commentaries
to see how this fits together…
this is one of those passages that it helps if we look at them grammatically, because these 'prescriptions' are NOT connected here in this passage,
so they don't build upon each other as some have tried to preach…
instead, while they can work together, yes,
all the same, each one though works independently of the other.
The only thing they are dependent upon, is you or me having Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord. We must be saved for these to work.
So let's ...

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