by Dan Hill

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Doubts, Faith, Family, and Miracles (7 of 12)
Series: Miracles: Discovering the Power of God
Dan Hill
John 4:46-54

As we have journey through these studies on miracles we have tried to look at each of these miracles with the question in mind: What is the key that released the power of God into that particular situation? We have come to the place in our journey to talk about the key of all keys and that is faith. I want to make this statement: Releasing the abilities of God is the result of faith and the outcome is awesome and astounding! But if the abilities of God are to be released the PROCESSES of faith must be right.

Faith is the medium of exchange in the kingdom of God. Jesus said, in Matthew 9:29, "According to your faith will it be done to you." And that means that all of God's blessings come to us through faith. THEREFORE, the measuring stick for the blessings of God on our lives is not our FEELINGS, our FRIENDS, our fame, or our FORTUNES but according to our faith. The measure of accomplishment in the Christian life is always faith.

I read a story about a little boy, who on his first day of the first grade, desperately wanted to impress his parents. So on his first day at school, he had an older friend teach him part of the multiplication tables. After dinner that night, the little guy said, "Two plus two equals four." And his father and mother were so surprised and amazed - here was their little darling on his first day in first grade, and he was already multiplying. What they had always suspected, they now knew to be true-their little darling was indeed a genius. While they were sitting their beaming with pride, thinking they have a genius on their hands, the little boy looked over at them and asked, "What's a two?"

I know that it is possible to sound like you know a whole lot more than you really know. I think that is especially true when it comes to spiritual things and especially for those of us who have been blessed to grow up in chur ...

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