by Dan Hill

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A Miracle in a Mess (3 of 12)
Series: Miracles - Discovering the Power of God
Dan Hill
2 Chronicles 20:1-30

Have you ever gone through an experience in your life in which it seems like things have just sort of ganged up on you? I think that probably all of us have at one time or another. In fact, some of you may be feeling like that right now. You may have come under the weight of that kind of feeling right now. If that's you, this weekend is for you!

Sometimes it just seems like everything is conspiring against you. The World Book Encyclopedia puts out a year book in which they record all the major happenings of the previous year. They have a section entitled: Strange Occurrences. One of the stories they put in there one time was the story of Brian Hice of Provo, Utah. One day Brian woke up, stepped out of bed, only to discover that a pipe in his apartment had broken in the apartment above him the night before. He called his landlord who told him to go and rent a water vacuum. The landlord said that he had people coming out to take care of the broken pipe. Brian put on his clothes and went outside to rent the vacuum and discovered that his car had a flat tire. He went back in to make a phone call and ask a friend to take him to rent the vacuum, but standing in the water, he received such a strong electrical shock; he ripped the phone out of the wall. By this time, the water had so swollen the door, he couldn't get out and had to yell for a neighbor to come and kick down his door so that we could get out. When he finally got outside, he found that someone had stolen his car; however he knew that it was almost out of gas and sure enough, he found it a few blocks away. He pushed the car to a gas station, filled it up, picked up a water vacuum, and drove home to dress for his ROTC graduation that day.

After he was dressed in his uniform, he went to get in his car to drive to the ceremony and as he got into the car, he sat on his bayonet. A friend drove ...

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