by Dan Hill

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A Miracle at the Bottom of a Barrel (1 of 12)
Series: Miracles: Discovering the Power of God Today
Dan Hill
I Kings 17:7-16

I have some really great news for you: There is nothing wrong with you that a miracle would not cure! I mean, all you need is a miracle.

BUT - do miracles still take place today? That is a more relevant issue today than it has even been. And the reason miracles are such a relevant issue is this - most of us seem to go from one crisis to another. In fact, all of us in this room are in one of three places in our lives: 1. some of us can look down the road and see that we are headed to a crisis. You know you aren't there yet, but you can see it coming. 2. Some of us are right in the middle of one, right this moment. The third group is those of us who are just on the other side of a crisis that we have been in. We are in the ''Boy, that's a relief'' stage!''

So I want to tell you this; I believe in miracles, I really, really do. And the reason I believe in miracles is because I believe in a sovereign God. If God can speak and create the heavens and the earth, it is unthinkable that such a God, with such power - should subsequently be unable to move miraculously upon His own creation. God cannot be a helpless onlooker to the work of His own hands!

See, God is not bounded by the laws of nature because, are you ready, there are no laws of nature. What man calls the laws of nature are in truth the laws of God that nature must obey! But please hear me and hear me well - you don't have to check your brains at the door to believe in miracles! Christians don't ever have to fear science. In fact, Christians should enjoy and appreciate science even more than unbelievers. So if a scientist has a good word to say about God and miracles, that ought not to give us more faith in miracles - but a little more confidence in the scientist. But we don't need to explain or defend miracles - let's just enjoy them!

Are miracles happening today? Yes, ...

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