by Dan Hill

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Settling For Less When You Could Have More (12 of 12)
Series: Miracles: Discovering the Power of God
Dan Hill
Psalms 77:14

We come to the conclusion of a long series on miracles this weekend. I pray that in some way your vision has been expanded and your perspective has been enlarged. But most of all I pray that we as a people are more expectant - more desperate - and more determined than every before, to lay hold of the miracle-working power of Almighty God! I also pray that somehow, you have come to believe that God wants to do more - to display his power in greater measure - and that you have made yourself open and available for God to bless and use.

As we have looked at these various miracles through the Bible these weeks, we have tried to ask, what I believe, are relevant questions about them. We have asked things like:
1. What is it each of these miracles that released the power of God?
2. What is God's part in each of these miracles - and what is man's part?
3. How does the power of God impact our lives on a daily kind of basis?
4. When may we expect the power of God to be demonstrated and under what conditions?
5. And, how can I cooperate with God in being an extension of his power?

Psalm 77:14 - here Moses says to God, "You are the God who performs miracles; you display your power among the peoples." That is, it is the very nature of God to naturally and normally perform miracles. It is not an infrequent part of his character and personality - it is not random, it is totally normal. And when God is allowed to be himself - demonstrate himself - and work as he likes to work, miracles result! Just as it is the nature of a carpenter to work on wood and the nature of a mechanic is to work with machines - so it is with God. It is his nature to do miracles.

Miracles are as natural to God as breathing is to us. And Christianity is founded on miracles. The virgin birth of Jesus Christ - the fulfillment of prophecies - the resurrection of the dea ...

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