by Dan Hill

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Miracle in a Mud Hole (2 of 12)
Series: Miracles: Discovering the Power of God
Dan Hill
2 Kings 5:1-14

It is abnormal for a Christian NOT to have an appetite for the impossible. It has been written into the very DNA of our humanity to hunger for the impossibilities around us to bow at the name of Jesus. And yet, a large portion of what is known as the church is organized and run in such a way that the supernatural is neither needed nor wanted.

I hope that you have come hungry to discover the power of God IN and ON your life; that is where miracles come in! I am going to assume that you believe in miracles for just a moment and then I want you to think of all that God has to arrange in order to facilitate miracles.

First, there is his part and that is, in His sovereignty He has to determine which miracle - what is really needed as opposed to what appears to be needed - He has to determine the timing of that miracle so that it is not too late and not too soon.

Secondly, there is the part that others are going to play in this miracle. There are those who are going to be directly involved through prayer - perhaps ministry of some other kind. There may be those that may be an answer to a need of some kind.

And then, obviously, God has to get you and all those involved with you ready. Inevitably there will be some things that are required of us in order to cooperate with what God wants to do or bring into our lives. There are points where we have to cooperate with God in order for the miraculous to take place. Last week, we talked about the necessity of TRUST on our part. This weekend, I want to talk about the place of OUR OBEDIENCE in cooperating with God.

You can take your Bible and go from Genesis to Revelation and one of the chief truths that you will see over and over again is that GOD ALWAYS REWARDS OBEDIENCE. In fact, God is attracted to OBEDIENCE in a powerful way. The companion truth that you will find is: OUR FAILURE TO OBEY WILL BRING ...

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