by Dan Hill

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What Do You Do, When Only A Miracle Will Help? (11 of 12)
Series: Miracles: Discovering the Power of God
Dan Hill
John 11:1-16

John 11 probably contains more practical help and insight than any other chapter in the Bible about what to do when you come to those places - those experiences - and those events in life in which ONLY a miracle will help.

I have come to the distinct conclusion that in a very real sense, there is a Lazarus experience for every person. There is that one person - that one thing - that one deal that we have put our hope and our trust in has died - or is sick - and it looks like it is hopeless.

There was a day when Jesus' close friend Lazarus became sick. In fact, he became sick unto death. The two sisters, Mary and Martha sent word to Jesus to come. Jesus got the word and did what seemed to be a strange thing, he didn't come immediately. In fact he delayed long enough that Lazarus not only had died, they had the funeral and the burial.

The shortest verse in the Bible describes Jesus' reaction. It says simply, "Jesus wept." He obviously wasn't weeping over what had happened to Lazarus. He knew that he was about to bring him back to life. He wept because he felt all the hurt, the loss and the sorrow that these two sisters were feeling. The Bible declares that our Savior is touched by all the feelings and all the hurts that we experience in those Lazarus times in our lives. So Jesus stood there and wept!

Then Jesus said the most profound thing in all of history. In verses 25-26, he said, "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die." Wow! What a claim!

Then Jesus asked for the stone to be rolled away from the tomb that held Lazarus' body and Jesus called out for him to come out of that tomb and Lazarus came out of the tomb. What looked like a tragedy became a triumph. What appeared to be the end was in reality a new beginning. ...

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