by Wayne Hinson

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A Marvelous Transaction Was Effected (1 of 3)
Series: When I Knelt, The Blood Fell
Wayne Hinson
Ephesians Chapter 2


I. There Was A Change Of Character
A) Involved A Change Of Nature
(Our lost nature was one of:)
1. A Death Nature
2. A Depraved Nature
3. A Distant Nature
B) Involved A Change Of Next Of Kin

II. There Was A Change Of Course
A) A Change Of Nationality Was Declared
B) A Change Of Need Was Demanded
C) A Change Of Navigation Was Decided

Intro: Some years back, a lovely song was written and recorded by the Greenes' of Lenoir, NC. That song has been a source of joy and much shouting by this preacher man. Part of the lyrics of the song are:

There's only one hope for your destiny
And that hope is found when you're down on your knees
What made all hell tremble, rang heavens bells
When I knelt, the Blood fell

After the resurrection, Jesus went to the throne
Presented His sacrifice, to God alone
Father, it is finished, He proclaimed as heaven cheered
This blood is for all sinners, their redemption free and clear.

I remember that blessed night, 47 years ago, at an old time altar, in an old time Baptist Church, with an old time preacher man preaching hell hot and heaven sweet, that I knelt and the blood fell.
And today, it is still the blood that saves from sin, and it is still the blood that cleanses within. Thank God, there is a fountain filled with blood, drawn from Emmanuel's veins, and sinners plunged beneath that flow, loose all their guilty stains. Not many today rejoice over the blood, but that dying thief rejoiced to see that fountain in his day. The cross is the center of the center of salvation, because without the blood, salvation becomes null and void. The center of the center of the cross is the blood. The center of the center of this blood is the precious Lamb of God. John the baptist, while one day baptising in the river Jordan, looked up and saw Jesus coming toward him. He ...

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