by Wayne Hinson

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A Miraculous Transition Was Enacted (2 of 3)
Series: When I Knelt, The Blood Fell
Wayne Hinson
Ephesians Chapter 2


I. The Blood Applied Turns On The Life Switch
A) Silence Unto Sound
B) Self Destruction Into Sovereignty
C) Sin With Salvation
D) Sadness Into Shouting

II. The Blood Applied Turns On The Light Switch
A) It Illuminates Our Steps
B) It Eliminates Our Stumbles
C) It Invigorates Our Senses

III. The Blood Applied Turns On The Lustre Switch
A) It Will Make You Shine
B) It Will Motivate You To Serve
1. We Serve In The Truth
2. We Serve In A Time Frame
3. We Serve In A Territory

IV. The Blood Applied Turns On The Love Switch
A) Inconceivable
B) Intervening
C) Inviting
D) Independent
E) Inalterable
D) Inescapable

Intro: Transition means "taking something or someone from one place to another. Also means "taking from one state of mind to another; also means "taking from one spiritual state or condition to another spiritual state or condition. In Ephesians 2, we discover that this "marvelous transaction" that was effected, was accomplished by the miraculous transition of the condition of our soul and nature to that of a brand new child of God. There are certain key action words in these verses and they are: quickened(vs 1,5); loved(vs 4); saved (vs5,8) raised(vs 6); shew (vs 7); created (vs 1,5); made nigh(vs 13). These action words are all specific and distinct indicators of the wonderful change that has been wrought in the heart and soul of a sinner that has knelt and the blood has fell. We further see that our soul, by the blood, has seen transition in the fact that:

I. The Blood Applied Turns On The Life Switch

A) Silence Unto Sound (vs 1 "even when we were dead")
In this spiritually dead state, we were not just "tone deaf, hard of hearing, excess wax in our ears, or ear plugs in our ears, we were stone deaf because we were dead. The death of the grave is silence, ...

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