by Wayne Hinson

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A Memorable Transferring Was Enlisted (3 of 3)
Series: When I Knelt, The Blood Fell
Wayne Hinson
Ephesians 2:13


I. The Sending Of The Blood Was Appointed
A) No Search Was Formed In Heaven
B) No Substitute Was Found In Heaven

II. The Saviour And The Blood Was Accepted
A) The Announcement
B) The Atonement
C) The Accrediting

III. The Service Of The Blood Must Be Applied

Intro: In the two previous messages, we have seen how the blood of Jesus Christ changes our nature from one of death, depravity and distance into that divine nature, which is Jesus Christ. We also noticed that because of the blood being applied to our soul, there were many switches that we turned on, which opened a pathway to communion and communication with God. In this third and final message, we will attempt to expound just how the blood of Christ was appointed, approved, announced and accredited as the one and only sacrifice for our sins. The blood of Christ has stood through time and thousands of attempts by ungodly men to discredit it's power and position. But through it all, the blood is still there, still just as powerful, still just as saving, and still just as cleansing. As the song relates, "there's only one hope for your destiny, and that hope is found when you're down on your knees". We further note that:

I. The Sending Of The Blood Was Appointed

A) No Search Was Formed In Heaven
There was no searching all over heaven for this Saviour. Before one minute of human history had transpired, Jesus Christ had already been appointed the blood sacrifice. There was no contest held in heaven, where the best or most qualified would be declared the winner. Jesus Christ was the one and only, never to be repeated, begotten Son of God, the blood sacrifice and the worthy Saviour. He was the divinely appointed victim of Calvary's cross. Before the foundation of this world, every minute detail had been spoken into the will of God. The eart ...

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