by Dan Hill

Can You See It? - Super-Vision (1 of 4)
Series: Superheroes
Dan Hill
August 2-3, 2008

I don't think there is anyone who at one time or the other hasn't wished they were Superman. Haven't you wished that you could fly or run as fast as Superman? Maybe you wanted to be as hard as steel so that nothing could hurt you. Or, what about this, have you ever wanted to have Superman's supervision? Man, wouldn't it be great to be able to see miles and miles away as if you were standing right there?

The truth is a lot of us don't have any real sense of vision for our lives. We are just sort-of drifting along and taking things as they come without any real sense of direction or passion or focus. For some of us in this room, our vision is mostly about "just making it another day.

I want to tell you that God made you for more than that! No matter who you are - where you have been - or where you are now, GOD HAS A PLAN AND PURPOSE FOR YOUR LIFE. I have thought about this a lot and if I could give you one gift as your pastor, it would be to give you the gift of a vision for your life. What an incredible difference it would make in your life if somehow, you could see EXACTLY and SPECIFICALLY what God wants to do IN and THROUGH you life! Because the simple fact is that God does have a vision for your life and if you ever get a hold of it, it will radically change your life! It will change the way you live - it will change the way you feel - it will change what you do. So I want to invite you to open your heart and your mind and consider that maybe, just maybe there really is something grander and greater for your life than you have dare to think.

And I want to talk to Spring Hills Church this month. This Superheroes Series may very well be the most important messages that I will ever share with this faith family. I have a sense in my heart that what we are going to try to share with you over the next two months may very well come to be defining moments for us. But no ...

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