by Dan Hill

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Faith: Where’s Yours? (1 of 8)
Series: Faith: Where’s Yours?
Dan Hill
Luke 8: 22-25

Life has only two handles by which we can grab it – there is really only two basic, fundamental approaches to life. You may describe those two handles and approaches to life in different ways but you will never be able to expand them from the two bottom-line approaches because there are only two.

Oaky, here it is; you will either live by and through the means of faith or you will live motivated and shoved around by fear.

You are either going to live according to human speculation or you are going to live according to divine revelation.

And that means:
1. Every decision we make…
2. Every attitude we embrace…
3. Every action we undertake...
Literally everything we do is going to be governed by divine revelation or human speculation.

All of us in this room can sense that this “Land of Opportunity” has become a land of fear in these days. The spirit of fear seems to be hovering over every home and city. There was a day in the life of Jesus’ disciples much like what we are experiencing all over the world. It was a sudden storm which is common on the Sea of Galilee – but this storm is so intense that even these experienced fishermen who have grown up on the sea are terrified. Jesus rebukes the storm and then in verse 25 he rebukes the disciples by asking them: “Where is your faith?”

Now please understand, Jesus did not rebuke them because they didn’t have enough faith to still the storm. He rebuked them for not having enough faith to stay calm IN the storm.

When they got in the storm, all they saw was their inadequacy and insufficiency and they were filled with fear. They had come to the end of confidence in themselves, confidence in the weather, and to make matters worse, they forgot that Jesus was in the boat with them. See, a spirit of fear is depressing, it is deceptive, and it is destructive.

2 Corinthians 5:7 reminds us that: “We live by faith, no ...

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