by Dan Hill

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Moving Mountains by Faith (7 of 8)
Series: Faith: Where’s Yours?
Dan Hill
Hebrews 11:30

Jesus Christ said the most amazing things the world has ever heard. But the strangest, the most intriguing thing that he ever said was what he says here in Matthew 17:14-20.

When Jesus says this, he is standing at the foot of the highest mountain in the whole country. Mount Hermon, which stands 9,000 feet above sea level. You can just imagine that the people hearing this began to look at that magnificent mountain and at least wonder what it would be like to actually change the landscape with faith.

Of course, Jesus wasn't advocating that everyone go into the excavation business. He wasn't trying to teach us a neat party-trick that we could use next time we had people over for dinner. But he was trying to help us realize an essential, critical aspect of faith. And that is this: IF YOU HAVE FAITH, THE POSSIBILITIES OF WHAT GOD CAN DO AND WILL DO ARE UNLIMITED! Faith is the means and the vehicle by which we can overcome barriers and be totally victorious in the face of seemingly impossible circumstances.

Jesus had just demonstrated the infinite possibilities of faith by what he had just done for a helpless, hopeless child. Here was a desperate father who comes to Jesus obviously as the last resort. We can imagine from what he says to Jesus that he has gone everywhere, to everybody that might offer some help and hope for his son. He even had gone to the disciples of Jesus and they could not do anything for the boy. But in an instant, Jesus heals the boy and he is made whole.

It isn't hard to imagine the conversation that took place between the disciples and Jesus. The disciples, somewhat embarrassed, take Jesus aside, in private and ask the same question that so many of us have asked at one time or the other; "How come we couldn't do that?"

Haven't you been there?
1. "I prayed that I wouldn't be one of those laid-off and yet I did get laid off?"
2. Somebody ...

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