by Dan Hill

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''In God We Trust'' - Really? (8 of 8)
Series: Faith - Where's Yours?
Dan Hill
Psalm 20:7

During this series on faith we have looked at many different aspects of what faith is and what it is not. We have looked at how it acts and responds to the circumstances of life. And as we come to the end of this series I want to try and close the loop for us. I pray that somehow your understanding of faith has somehow been challenged and stretched in such a way that you have made a determination to go deeper with God.

I want to conclude this by saying what I said in the first message and this is: THE BLESSING OF GOD ON YOUR LIFE IS NOT DEPENDENT ON YOUR FRIENDS - YOUR FAME - YOUR FORTUNE - OR YOUR FEELINGS - BUT IT IS DEPENDENT ON YOUR FAITH! And yet so many of us are prisoners to our feelings, prisoners of our circumstances, and even prisoners to our experiences.

The truth is that faith comes down to one word and that one word is - TRUST. We can know something in our heads but never experience the reality of that thing in our lives because there is a world of difference between belief and trust.

I want you to look closely for a moment at this chair. Look at the way it is designed and the materials that went into the construction of this chair. Does it look structurally sound to you? Do you think it was engineered and constructed in such a way that it would hold a person up?

Okay, that's belief. You are applying logic and reasoning as well as experience and you make an informed intellectual decision.

But that belief is not faith until you actually sit in that chair. You see, intellectual acceptance only goes so far. And the fact is you only have belief until you put your beliefs into action and intellectual belief without actionable faith is useless and meaningless. And that is where trust comes in.

On the face of our money are the words: ''In God We Trust.'' A few years ago, the use of those words on our currency was challenged in court. The case ...

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